Best Game in Five Seasons

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Best Game in Five Seasons

Post  Low Flying Wombat on Tue May 26, 2009 7:45 pm

Missed out on the big upset Looma beating Saints in the first game. Who would have picked them on current form.Bulls Derby was a good one although I must have got distracted because I thought the scoreboard had Derby well in control in the third quarter. They were running rings around the Bulls speedsters but did not put enough scoreboard pressure on. Definitely worth the $2.50 price. The 3pm game was a beauty. Towns got the early jump and Beach worked their way back into the game and then took over. The intense pressure for four quarters was great and I reckon all players deserve a pat on the back on this one. Interestingly someone pointed out the Beach water boy patting the opposition players on the bum. I always thought you had to abuse and intimidate the opposition. Better talk to Freak on this one. Anyway I got my $5.00 worth. Unlike some of the mongrels yelling abuse at both teams. Noticed one who was a fringe player for Bombers and one from Towns who lived in his brothers shadow putting in a big effort on this. Best of luck to the West Kimberley Colts heading for the championships at Fitzroy this weekend. Too much rubbish and broken bottles at Haynes oval still from drinkers during the week. Are these people being directed to Haynes to clear the tourist areas like Town Beach and Chinatown. Hit me with it you lovely people.

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