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Post  Low Flying Wombat on Fri May 29, 2009 8:16 pm

Can someone give any info on the club coaches this season. Also captains. I think the forum needs some more targets.

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Post  GO WESTCOAST!!! on Sat May 30, 2009 3:38 pm

SAINTS COACH - Neil Bourke (Involved with development for Brisbane Lions AFL and many other QAFL coaching roles. Stacks of other coaching accreditations probably the most qualified up here atm.
SAINTS CAPTAIN - Tristram Pigram (definitely their MVP super quick and a known goalkicker)
TOWNS COACH - Peter Kelleher (Coached towns for about 3 years now. Each year ending in a GF spot so very experienced. From down south)
TOWNS CAPTAIN - Ryan McRae (hard in an under player great skills)
BOMBERS COACH - Robert Wilson (Ex Beach Premiership Captain, Ex Saints back 2 back premiership coach, Ex Towns Premiership player not much he hasnt acheived up here in Kimberley footy, Mastercoach, very experienced)
BOMBERS CAPTAIN - Jeffrey Clarke (Would be the fittest in the League ATM)
BEACH COACH - Tony Russell (Ex Collingwood AFL player, VFL, VCFL - Held premiership coaching roles at numerous clubs in VCFL, very experienced also, Well known in Vic footy circles)
BEACH CAPTAIN - Joseph Dann & Evan Russell (Jo-Local fella brought up with the Beach great player, Evan-new to the club brings strong leadership qualities to a young team)
BULLS COACH - Mike Fountain (New local copper in Town. Not much known but heard he has a bit of knowledge from previous coaching roles)
BULLS CAPTAIN - Jimmy Stewart (Bulls Hardnut loyalist and broome local boy).
LOOMA COACH - Jamie Short (Pastor in Looma. Trains the boys hard in the community and has the right ideas. Coached them for a few years now and taken them to Wins in preseason carnivals and other Central kimberley footy festivals
LOOMA CAPTAIN - Lyle Buck (most exciting player in the kimberley!)

DOnt know the rest from Derby or Bidyi


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