Grand Final Aftermath

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Grand Final Aftermath

Post  Low Flying Wombat on Mon Sep 07, 2009 3:34 pm

Coach Tony Russell is still standing. President Neil still leading by example. A few heads that now resemble the coach. Both captains still escorting the holy grail. Have eaten and left dry Lustre bar and now at the Divers Tavern. Still plenty of support. Dave Mulheron still proudly carries the flag of the victors. Team colours are everywhere. Brett Claudius last seen at the bus stop waiting for a Cable Beach Bus. Graham Hastie not sighted. PJ providing medical support when required. Mick Albert just warming up the TAB with Jay. Will be a big afternoon. Just name your haircut and you can look like Gumby too. The girls are all holding up well although Anna Kelly yet to be sighted. Possibly the beach next and a camel raid which usually is led by Hastie and Mulheron. Noted Harry Wilding just starting to open his eyes and Ash Dann has the shits on with everyone. Mat Wellington looks great with the no. one. Sean Mason about to join the quey. The big V still head and shoulders above everyone. Winners are grinners. Greenbacks 2009 premiers

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