Lightning Carnival

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Lightning Carnival

Post  28sporty on Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:25 pm

It was bloody hot to be playing football, but great to have the footy back this weekend as a taster for another season in Broome!

But how is the form of the Shire, getting around to taking out the dodgy shelters just one day before the carnival? Left the team benches a nice muddy mess after the rain Saturday morning and added one more job for tireless CEO Flash Gordon to do - putting up temporary shade.

Did anyone else think that the boundary was a little difficult to see, and that it was marked in a different place to usual? A few players who've been here for years seemed a little confused hearing the whistle for a boundary throw-in when they thought they were still in play.

Just one more comment: I thought the entry charge of $5 per person was a little steep when they would (should) have been getting good dollars all weekend.


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Re: Lightning Carnival

Post  HawkeEye on Wed Apr 21, 2010 7:57 am

Rain would have washed the lines away a bit as they were line the day before.

I believe they used only one ball on the Saturday and it was a heavy, water logged ball which made it hard to kick, however all teams had to deal with it so should be no complaints there.

Well done to Beagle Bay, looks like the team to beat for this year with Saints and Tigers, who both teams I think struggled a bit in some games. Will see how Bidgy and Looma hold up during the year, they did play some exciting footy on the weekend when they wanted too.

Bulls looked good in some passages, Beach and Towns need major improvements and I have been told that more players to come back in for these sides.

Rd 1 in a week and a half


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Re: Lightning Carnival

Post  You've got Gas on Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:23 am

The pockets at the Boulevarde end were as narrow as Derby's oval - did a couple of the Derby crew come down the night before and mark the lines so it felt like home!

You've got Gas

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Re: Lightning Carnival

Post  lifemember1 on Wed Apr 21, 2010 7:24 pm

Well no surprises with Bombers taking out the Lightning Carnival but the surprise packet for most spectators and supporters would have to be Bidyadanga and Derby. I understand that Derby missed the finals due to an inferior percentage to the Emus.

Sounds like Cable Beach struggled to field a team and round 1 against the Bombers will go a long way towards informing all whether the Greenbacks are no chance in 2010 or were simply missing key players during the carnival.

How did Saints fair? A couple of key losses to the Bombers in the off season with F & B winner Davo Cox returning home along with Aaron Cox and big Bev Yunipingu also heading across. Plenty of wraps on the arrival of Tristan Bedford to Bombers but can anyone tell me whether he fired a shot?

Bring on round one that's all I can say and by the results on the weekend I hope the WKFL is a lot more competitive this season. All good for the competitiona and spectators when the teams are competitive.

Any others thinking of reviewing their previous thoughts on how the teams will fair this season post the carnival?

I'm thinking:

Cable Beach


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Re: Lightning Carnival

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