Is The Federal Election Taking Over WKFL

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Is The Federal Election Taking Over WKFL

Post  Low Flying Wombat on Wed Jul 28, 2010 7:33 pm

No activety on the line. I surmise it is due to the elections or are members West Coast Eagles supporters. You would not expect much from Derby being a one team town but I hear and see nothing regarding the allstar lineup for 2010. Has any viewer any information on all the promised AFL money for the Kimberleys. Derby seem to be sliding back a bit. Does this mean Michael Ogilvy has made a reappearance on the field? Talking of elections reminds me of the promise from labor to put the funding in place for lights on Haynes Oval when our local member was electioneering. The story goes that our shire leaders diverted the money to the tourist bureau. Forget the locals and help the tourists. Sound familiar. Who is the money on for the grand final?

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